Three Tips To Boost User Experience of Your Website

Having used to browsing websites, people have little tolerance to websites that do not work as smooth as they would like them to be. If they see one, they would simply close the tab and look for other website. The best way to cope with this is to tune up the user experience of your website. In addition, given the fact that user experience has massive development throughout the years, chances are it would matter more and more to your website. Web Design Malaysia keeps following the updates of user experience in web design in order to serve the customers even better. Here are three tips to boost user experience in your website.

  • Use White Space

Content is a powerful tool. But the way you arrange your content can make a big difference. If you put everything in one long paragraph, how would people read through it? Use some white spaces between your paragraph, images, or video. Simple things like this can boost your page to be more appealing. Amazing right?

  • Keep Your Pages Consistent

Consistent means that your font type, font size, colors, button, and other design elements need to be in the same styling throughout the entire web pages, not only on a single page. Drastic changes from one page to another can make users feel lost, it is like they are browsing to different brand.

  • Website Animation

Website animation is very interesting because most people would prefer to watch something rather than reading. There are many technique for animation that you can learn, however keep in mind to keep things well balanced. Animation is great when you use it in the right place and in the right amount.

Above are some of many tips to boost the user experience of your website. User experience is important to ensure your visitors actually have a nice time browsing around your website. Web Design Malaysia understands that dull website is uncool and so out of date.